Future Implications

The social media landscape is consistently evolving and brands have to continue to evolve social media strategies to keep up with the changes in technology. Some future implications that may impact brands on social media include:Social Media

  • Mobile Social
    • Many consumers use the internet on their mobile devices for shopping, browsing and checking social networks. Many consumers still use feature phones to access the internet so an implication for being social on mobile would mean brands would have to provide content and experiences that are tailored for slower connection speeds and different screen sizes.
  • Social Local Mobile
    • More consumers are using social networks based on location to find trends while on mobile near them.  Social, local and mobile services move to the center of the social media experience. Brands can explore more ways to socialize real life experiences including in store and the point of consumption. Brands can also use social listing tools to identify what consumers’ share, when they share it and where they share it to identify top influencers.
  • Search Social Crossover
    • Consumers rely heavily on recommendations and suggestions from peers and friends to help make decisions when it comes to restaurants, gadgets, television shows, music and so much more. Social and search are becoming more intertwined. More brands should be using Google+, it is a social network that combines search and social. The more consumers talk about brands on social networks the more the brand will show up while searching for the brand.
  • Social CRM
    • Brands should remember social media is used for interaction and not just listening. Brands should start to interact more with consumers instead of just sending out information for consumers to listen to or instead of just receiving feedback and not interacting with consumers. Brands should have community management teams to handle brand interaction and provide the necessary tools to respond to consumers.
  • Inclusive Content
    • More consumers want to be a part of what a brand is offering so brands should make consumers part of the advertising experience. Brands should continue to innovate with advertising and create content around consumes instead of just creating content for consumers.
  • Interface Innovation
    • As technology continues to advance, consumers continue to interact with devices in different ways Google Glass would be an example. Google Glass allows consumers to interact with technology by wearing it on their faces and essentially using technology hands free.  Once Google Glass becomes more main stream then brands will need to evolve the way they deliver engagement.
  • Curation and Funnelling
    • Many consumers have a number of different social media networks and it can becoming troubling to keep up with all of them whether through posting or through reading content and that is why social curators are on the rise like HootSuite and Flipborad that allow for consumers to read and post content from within one app. Brands need to start exploring ways to communicate with consumers without relaying so much on social display advertising.

The future implications of social media have a lot to do with technology, which is consistently evolving at a rapid rate. Social networks like Pinterest and Instagram are on the rise and focus on visuals whereas Vine is becoming a really popular video sharing service. Brands should keep in mind to have more than one social network but to not join them all.


Viral Marketing Initiatives

Viral Marketing is a cost effective means of promotion which involves video, flash games, bogs, packaging, and contests to accomplish marketing goals. Viral marketing depends on a high pass-along rate from person to person. If a large percentage of recipients forward something to a large number of friends, the overall growth snowballs very quickly. If the pass-along numbers get too low, the overall growth quickly fizzles. The top five characteristics of a viral marketing campaign should include:

  • Easily Sharable Content
  • Humorous
  • Interactive
  • Sociable
  • Giveaways

Arrested Development was a sitcom that aired on Fox in the early 2000’s and lasted three seasons. The show’s storyline centers on the Bluth family, a formerly wealthy, habitually dysfunctional family and is presented in a continuous format, incorporating hand-held camera work, narration, archival photos, and historical footage. Last year it was announced that Arrested Development was picked up for a fourth season by Netflix and premiered Sunday May 26th 2013 with all 15 episodes available.   Netflix created a really successful viral marketing campaign for the return of Arrested Development which included easily shareable content, humor, interaction, social and giveaways.

Photo: A party seven years in the making is finally here! Share how you’re celebrating the return of the Bluths by tagging your photos or videos with #BluthParty on Twitter, Instagram or Vine. Let the streaming commence!

Netflix created a very sociable campaign for Arrested Development. Arrested Development has a TwitterTumblr and Facebook to promote the show and engage with fans. Each social media account is very active and was very active leading up to the premiere of Arrested Development. On the Arrested Development Facebook page leading up to the premiere of the show there were countdown posters with the caste and some familiar images from the previous season to get fans excited about the upcoming season. The posters featured the hashtag #AD2013, along with the hashtags #ArrestedDevelopment and #BluthParty that were used on Twitter and Tumblr as well.  The Facebook page is full of posters and pictures from the Arrested Development World Tour and interviews with the cast.

AD World Tour

The social media campaign for Arrested Development was also easily sharable, many fans created gifs and used the Arrested Development tag on Tumblr to share some of their favorite moments from seasons past. The Arrested Development Tumblr even held Q&A’s about the show and reblogged some fan gifs. The content on the Arrested Development Tumblr the show is a comedy and some of the gifs are very humorous.

Netflix even created a website Insert Me Anywhere where fans could interact with Tobias and insert him into different movie scenarios.  Fans could choose from different characters and insert Tobias in a video of their choice. Fans would post their videos and photos to Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook and would tag the videos and photos across the different social media websites.

AD Notable Insert

Netflix also hosted a giveaway the first 200 fans who answered Arrested Development trivia correctly were able to win a Bluth Party Pack filled with supplies for fans to have a Bluth themed party while watching the new season of Arrested Development. Netflix also went on a world tour with the Frozen Banana Stand where they would hand out frozen bananas and the fans would even get a chance to interact with some of the cast members at the Frozen Banana Stand.

AD Giveaway

Netflix did a really great job of marketing the fourth season of Arrested Development. Netflix combined some really great characteristics of viral marketing to get fans excited about the return of Arrested Development. Netflix will not release viewing numbers of Arrested Development but all of the buzz from social media seems like it had a successful return.


Two companies that utilize social media in the television industry are ABC Studios and Warner Brothers. Both of these companies have a very strong presence on social media. Each company utilize a number of social media accounts for the various shows they produce. Both companies have a presence Twitter, Facebook, GetGlue, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google +, Instagram, YouTube, various blogs and apps within an App Store. For this post I will be focusing on two television shows within the company Grey’s Anatomy from ABC Studios and The Vampire Diaries from Warner Brothers. Both of these shows cater to a different demographic and approach social media in various ways. Television companies use social media to premier content, using second screen apps to enhance content and to connect with fans. Second screen apps are a major trend shaping the future of media, especially when it comes to bridging social and entertainment. With second screen apps fans can connect with other fans and share content like pictures and videos with other fans and even earn rewards for checking into television shows like stickers and prize packs.


Increasingly, film and television stars as well as writers and producers are using Twitter as a way to engage with fans. Whenever there is a new episode of a television the network will send out a press release of cast members and writers who would be participating in a live twitter chat with fans. Members of the Grey’s Anatomy cast and The Vampire Diaries cast frequently hold live Twitter chats with fans and even tweet behind photos and Videos through Twitters new video client Vine. With the actors, cast and writers becoming more involved in social media this gives viewers more of an incentive to tune in live and chat with fellow fans of the show and feel more involved. Grey’s Anatomy even has Twitter accounts for the characters that Tweet whenever there is a new episode of the show. Not very many television shows go the extra step and include character Twitter accounts.

Greys Anatomy Character Twitter Accounts

The Vampire Diaries currently has an app that lets users create and share photos inspired by the hit series. Using a collection of Mystic Falls-themed Vampire and Werewolf backdrops and overlays, fans can manipulate photos to reveal their new selves. Once a photo is complete, these new creatures can share their passion for “The Vampire Diaries” with friends through Facebook and Twitter. Fans can also stay up to date on the show with video previews, weekly bite-sized episode recaps, and photo galleries.

TVD App Screen Cap

Tweeting and Blogging

Blogging and Tweeting are the most common ways to find information on various interests and to learn about news within respected industries. I follow several blogs ranging from technology to blogs about my favorite television shows. There are numerous blogs and twitter accounts that are dedicated to television shows ranging from verified accounts that come from the television studio to fan accounts that are created. Several television shows integrate hashtag into the television show. Throughout most half hour and full hour television shows in the bottom right hand or left hand corner most viewers will find a hashtag about the current scene or shocking moment that just happened. In The Tao of Twitter chapter 15 focuses on twitter chats. Twitter chats have become very popular amongst television show. Most television shows provide a special hashtag through a verified twitter account to get conversations started on Twitter. Although a group of fans my start the same hashtag collectivity by creating a hashtag of something unexpected that has happened. An example of a show that uses twitter chats effectively is Scandal. Every Thursday the cast and sometimes the crew will live tweet the new episodes and sometimes will live tweet reruns using the hashtag #AskScandal.

Ask Scandal

Several of the trending topics on Twitter during the evenings are because of primetime television hashtags. A few other television shows that create a lot of buzz on twitter include Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. Twitter is not the only social place for television shows there are social networks dedicated to entertainment including Get Glue. According to Get Glue for the past few weeks Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries have topped Get Glue charts by generating the most conversation for the week in primetime television.

TVD and PLL 1

TVD and PLL 2

Whenever I am watching television whether it is live television on watching an episode or two online I am using a second screen. Sometimes I will browse Twitter feeds or Get Glue feeds to see what other fans though of the television show. Then I will read blogs that recap the show or provide interesting theories about what direction they think the show is going in. One of my favorite TV blogs is TVLine. TVLine recaps a number of shows I watch along with provide spoilers on some of my favorite show. One of my favorite recap blogs is Television without Pity (TWOP).

The television industry uses some of the best practices for Twitting and Blogging by establishing a strategy, finding a voice creating compelling content, posting on a regular schedule and engaging with readers.


Social Marketing Brands and Risk

In the past couple of years the television industry has taken to social media to market various events including live television and award shows since nearly half of all U.S. homes have DVR to record the programs they do not have the time to watch.

TV-infographic image


Risks are always involved with television and social media, several people who work in the television industry from show runners, to writers, to actors and directors have their own personal social media accounts that are public and networks also have social media accounts dedicated to individual television shows along with social media accounts for the network and the networks PR. Many networks also try to air a live recap show after an event to get viewers more involved by having live polls or having viewer’s tweets show up during the show so they feel more involved. Networks try to integrate social media into live television events hoping viewers will tune in and chat with other viewers while watching the show.


The Walking Dead is a television show on AMC that has an after show called The Talking that airs immediately after a new episode of The Walking Dead every Sunday. The show has increased in views since its first season last year. The Talking Dead integrates social media within their show by taking viewers questions or comments live through Twitter as well as a poll that is asked before the beginning of the show and results are revealed at the end of the show.



The Talking Dead Twitter Image



Live awards events like the Oscars or the Emmys have had big social media marketing campaigns that involve Twitter, Instagram and apps in the App store. By incorporating so many social aspect into watching something like an awards show live the user is more likely to watch live instead of just browsing social networks for all of the winners and GIF’s of the funny moments. Since so many people live Tweet award shows some people feel as if it is not worth it tuning in live since everything will be on the internet in GIF or picture form once the award is announced. But with television networks offering so many social ways to be involved with a live show viewers are more likely to tune in live and join in on the conversation.


Oscar App Screen Shot

Television and Mobile Applications

There are a number of mobile applications available in the television industry ranging from network dedicated app like ABC, NBC, The CW, ABC Family, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and Netflix as far as watching programming. Then there are also second screen apps for television that include Get Glue, Zeebox and Viggle that allow users to connect with other fans while enjoying television shows and receiving rewards in the process while brands get exposure as well.

The use of mobile apps are starting to increase especially apps focused on entertainment.  Entertainment apps and gained marketshare at the expense of social networking apps. Hulu Plus, Netflix and Get Glue are the most popular mobile and social media applications when it comes to television.

Although television viewing has been on the decline due to services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, Netflix actually boosts TV ratings as well. Netflix offeres television season in bulk so it can be easy for a viewer to catchup on a few seasons of a TV show before it premiers its next season in the spring, summer, fall or winter.  In turn if a view likes the TV show enough they will most likely invest in the DVDs, Blurays and Digital Downloads of the television show. Below is a graph that shows increase in viewership on AMC after views watch the first few seasons on Netflix.

Graph of Increasing Viewship of TV

Second screen apps have become successful in the television industry as well. Television networks like AMC and USA have second screen apps where users can engage in conservation about the show and also have trivia and behind the scenes content. AMC has an iPhone and iPad app that features a Story Sync mode for television Shows like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad where viewer can participate in live trivia. USA Network has a second screen app where views can chat about their favorite shows, take polls and view pictures and videos.


While some networks have individual second screen apps there are other second screen apps that have a more unified user experience like Get Glue and Viggle. Get Glue allows for users who are fans of various shows to chat with each other and earn stickers in the process. Sometimes television networks run promotions within Get Glue to give users the opportunity to win prizes that could include a television season on Bluray or tickets to a show. Second Screen apps are becoming very popular and more users are turning to second screen apps while watching television to engage with other fans.

Get Glue iPad Screen Shot

Come back next week where I will talk about social marketing brands and risks.

Social Media and Television

I’ve always admired the way television shows are promoted and advertised with social media and today’s television viewer does not watch TV live the way they used to. More and more viewers are deciding to DVR shows or watch them the next day on Hulu, a dedicated network app or purchasing them through iTunes or Amazon the next day. Social Media has become a useful too when it comes to advertising television shows.  In today’s blog I will focus on the way television promotes programming through social media.

I enjoy watching prime time television but I don’t always have the time to stop and watch my favorite TV shows live or I have to pick and choose which TV show to watch live due to the fact that two television shows come on at the same time. I always end up watching most of my TV shows the next day online or later during the week. There are some shows that I watch live in order to avoid spoilers then next day because they are all over social media. Social media networks like Twitter, Tumblr, Get Glue, Pinterest, Facebook and iTunes are just some tools that networks use to promote their shows along with product placement. Many networks are combining product placement with social media to get word out about their television show.


A network that combines social media and product placement is The CW. It is no secret that Microsoft has made a deal with The CW. Watch almost any show on The CW and you will see a Microsoft product whether it is the search engine Bing, Windows 8 smartphones or the Microsoft Surface. On the social side The CW has a Windows 8 app where fans can watch TV shows and connect to Facebook to comment on posts and interact with other fans. Aside from the Windows product placement and Windows 8 app The CW also promotes its shows through their Tumblr, Get Glue, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google + and Apps.  With a combination of all of these social media tools The CW is doing a good job of keeping fans interesting and tuning in live to their programming considering the demographic of their audience. Twitter is one of the more popular social media tools The CW uses to get their audience to tune in live. One of The CW’s most popular and top rated show is The Vampire Diaries. I don’t get to watch the show live very often so I make it a point to avoid social media until I get the opportunity to watch the show later in the evening or the next day. The CW will often get cast members, writers and directors to occasionally live tweet episodes and answer fans questions. Fans will often tweet enough hashtags to the point where the TV shows will hold a number of the top 10 trending topics on Twitter.

The CW Windows 8 App

I think The CW should have more of a presence on Get Glue. Every TV show on The CW offers sticker to fans who check into the TV show that they watch live. According to Get Glue The Vampire Diaries was one of the top 10 social TV shows of 2012.  Get Glue is an app that is a second screen to TV shows and movies and more television fans are discovering the app. The app continues to grow in popularity and Get Glue could provide a great opportunity for campaigns, sweepstakes and contests for several CW TV shows.


Several networks have used Get Glue for sweepstakes and contests. Get Glue has partnered with the Grammys to give away two tickets to next year’s Grammys by checking into Get Glue during the awards shows. If The CW partnered with Get Glue to run contests like this they could attract more live viewers and increase viewer ship for their network.

Grammys Get Glue

Next week I will talk about mobile applications within the television industry.

Social Media Tools

Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate more and more people are communicating over the internet instead of in person. With social networking tools like Twitter, Google +, Instagram and Get Glue people can communicate about their various interests. All of these social networking tools have several things in common but the main thing they have in common is communicating about their daily lives. Most people use social networking while on the go to share what they are experiencing in the moment.


First I will talk about Get Glue. Get Glue is a new social media tool that launched in 2010 and focuses on connecting users who take a particular interest in television, movies, books, music and games. A users will check into Get Glue each time they are watching a television show, a movie, reading a book, listening to music or playing a game. Every time a user checks in they will receive a sticker and can request real copies of that sticker from Get Glue. Users also have the chance to communicate with other users and chat about their particular check in. Get Glue is a great tool to communicate with fellow fans of TV shows. Get Glue is available via the website GetGlue.com, and through apps including iPhone and iPad apps as well as BlackBerry and Android apps. I use get glue mostly on my iPad and think it is a fun way to watch TV live and chat with fellow fans of the TV show I am watching.


Get Glue Image

The next social networking tool I will talk about is Twitter. Twitter is a social networking site where people share their thoughts about what is happening in the moment.  Most people use Twitter to share quick update while they are on the go or share photos of what is happening in the moment. Twitter is also useful for receiving instant updates on breaking news either local news, national news or worldwide news. Twitter is fairly easy to use and can be accessed from Twitter.com , the official Twitter app for mobile devices or a number of third party apps available on various platforms including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone. I prefer using Echofon a third party Twitter app available for iPhone, iPad and Android, I find this app very easy to use and enjoy the interface of the app.


Echofon Screen Shot

Instagram is a different type of social networking site that allows users to share photos and apply filters to those photos.  Many users like to share their Instagram photos through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr , Flicker and Foursquare. At one point Instagram was only available on the iPhone then it expanded to Android. Instagram is also one of the few social networks that is only available through smartphone apps. Recently Instagram allowed for users to view public profiles on the internet by going to instagram.com/username. Users are not allowed to comment or post photos on the internet but are just able to view photos and comments.

Instagram Screen Shot



Google + is another social media tool that allows users to connect and share information with each other like photos and videos. One of the main features of Google + that stand out from other social networks is the Hangouts feature. Hangouts allows users to video chat with up to 9 other Google + users. With Hangouts users can host live broadcasts and chat about anything. Most of the Hangouts I have participated in involved podcasting. Many podcasters would sometimes host live shows on Hangouts where fans could participate in the live show by either joining the Hangout or participating through a live chat or live blog.

Google Plus Screen Shot


These are just a few social media tools that people use to connect with each other, to share pictures or information about their day or just to catch up on what is going on in the world. Some social media tools are quicker or easier to use than others. Twitter and Instagram are more useful to use while on the go to share information on the spot. Get Glue is a social network that is more fun to use when discussing your favorite TV show or movie.